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At first Cromwell says that there are no charges, just some questions. Margaret tells More that he has already done as much as God requires.

A Man for All Seasons Questions and Answers

It isn't difficult to keep alive, friends — just don't make trouble — or if you must make trouble, make the sort of trouble that's expected Life would be so much easier if he would just go along with the King.

At a pub, Cromwell has a meeting with Richard Rich, the man to whom More earlier gave the cup. More only helped the King write it by answering questions that the King had. Later, at the Hall of Westminster, a sham trial is held for Sir Thomas.

The King says that English subjects who oppose him are guilty of treason. Cromwell pressures More with death when he, Cranmer, and Norfolk are in the jail, trying to encourage More to sign the Act of Succession.

Rich asks More for a job, but he refuses to give him one. This means that he will now be under even more pressure from the King and his Court to change his position regarding the royal marriage. The King says that he is breaking his word, and then he says that he is joking. When Thomas More is seeking to acquire a boat and Norfolk joins him.

As a result, Henry was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Rich is in a frame of mind to be bribed. Alice tries to carry More to yield to his demands. These pressures involve Thomas More in a battle of will, in which he faces a moral dilemma.

We see that Alice really wants More to go along with Henry, because she likes her nice clothes, good foods, and other delicacies.

A Man For All Seasons

The King notices how well-educated Margaret is. Cromwell questions Rich in detail about the cup that More gave him, the cup that was originally a bribe.

Conflict in A Man for All Seasons Essay Sample

It is now May of Rich arrives and says that Cromwell is asking questions. Cromwell addresses the jury. Running time MINS. Scofield interprets in top fashion the interwoven loyalties of More to himself, his family, nation and religion.

He says that Matthew is one of his sources. At this point several years have passed. An oath is said to God.

Norfolk besides pressures More to disregard his scruples. Sir Thomas More is the leading role. To justify his interpretation, Bolt outlines the difference between what an oath meant to More and what it might mean to us today. Original review text from Instead, More informs Norfolk of the plot, showing him to be patriotic and loyal to the King.

So far, the present season has given us Gideon, a biblical drama, and a portrait of St. Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons (at the Anta). Advertisement Sir Thomas More was one of the outstanding men of Christendom—scholar, author, lawyer, member of Parliament, judge and Lord Chancellor.

A Man for All Seasons, Thomas More resists pressures exerted by Henry XIII through Thomas Cromwell, The Duke of Norfolk, and Alice More. These pressures involve Thomas More in a battle of will, in which he faces a.

A list of important facts about Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons, including setting, climax, protagonists, and antagonists. An Easier Way to Study Hard.

A Man for All Seasons

narrator · The play is narrated by the Common Man in a series of asides. major conflict · Privately, More disapproves of King Henry VIII’s divorce and remarriage. Publicly, he. About A Man For All Seasons. A Man for All Seasons dramatises the conflict between King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More.

It depicts the confrontation between church and state, theology and politics, absolute power and individual freedom. A Man for All Seasons depicts the confrontation between Church and State, theology and politics, absolute power and individual freedom.

Conflict In A Man For All Seasons

Throughout the play Sir Thomas More's eloquence and endurance, his purity, saintliness and tenacity in the face of ever-growing threats to his beliefs and family, earn him status as one of modern drama's.

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